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New teeth for old - replace lost teeth with dental implants

It is incredible what modern Dentistry can do! It is now perfectly possible to replace lost teeth with dental implants. In fact, it is often feasible to provide 'new teeth for old,' on the same day! This has been made possible by continuous and intensive research into Titanium implants over the last thirty years. We use high specification and thoroughly tested Swiss made Dental Implants. If you are concerned about losing teeth then dental implants may be the solution. To arrange an informal appraisal and learn more about the procedures involved please feel free to arrange an appointment

An exciting staff promotion at One Harley Street 

Miss Sara Eve has newly been promoted as our practice manager. She has been with us for over two years and in that time has helped set up Central Sterilisation Services in compliance with the current best practice. She has been closely involved in the development of our Implant Surgery Department. Sara is always at hand to deal with all manner of enquiries.     

A new look for your clinic 

We are immensely pleased to introduce the new clinic and invite all patients to drop in for a tour of the new facilities. 

Laser tooth whitening - the latest 

We are uniquely placed to have recently invested in the leading American photo cosmetic tooth whitening system. The equipment is not normally available in the UK and required special importation. To whiten teeth, the procedure involves painting the teeth with a whitening agent and then subjecting the painted teeth to a Laser Light. The whole process takes less than an hour and is painless. Results so far have been very favourable. For more information please see our special offers page

Why not give it a try?

This is what the press had to say about it: 

  • Does it work? It certainly does. You feel more confident after having it done - Men’s Fitness 
  • A Hollywood smile in your lunch hour - Daily Mail 
  • Overall score 10/1 .- Daily Express
  • Delighted with my 'new teeth'. Worth it for the great resul .- Evening Standard 

Your comments, suggestions and articles

If you have any comments, suggestions or feedback on any aspect of any of our services we would love to hear from you. Alternatively, if you have something that you would like us to include in our next newsletter we would be happy to consider it. Please drop us a line by post, fax or telephone.

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