Invisalign dental aligners - a modern alternative to braces by One Harley Street Dentist

Its really simple and a course of treatment can cost as little as £3500.00. We make you specially constructed aligners (actually, they’re made in the USA using complicated 3-D scanning technology). You wear the aligners for a specified period of time (about the same time as you would wear fixed braces / tracks) and the end result is straighter teeth. As an added bonus, the teeth can be secretly whitened whilst wearing the aligners.


Treatment with Invisalign: 

  • The average treatment time is 12-18 months. 
  • You wear the aligners all day and night (except when eating).
  • The end result is computer modelled before you start so you know exactly what you’re getting. 
  • Your teeth remain clean, much cleaner than wearing traditional metal braces.
  • As an added bonus your teeth can be secretly whitened whilst you are wearing the aligners.