Implant Dentistry Introduction

Special implant and reconstructive dentistry at One Harley Street London

The above is a very broad title encompassing Dental ImplantsSimple Bone ReconstructionComplex Bone Reconstruction, and ‘Plastic Surgery’ of the Gums. This is a very exciting area of dentistry, which is being constantly advanced as new research becomes available.

All is no longer lost! It is now possible to rebuild lost bone and provide you with permanent new teeth. This is no great boast, there now exist three decades of research into bone grafting and dental implants and the results are very favourable

You may have heard from media reports of new and permanent teeth being provided in a single day. This is no longer the realm of fantasy but for some individuals, a reasonable expectation. Imagine an individual who has lost all of her teeth and has been wearing removable plastic dentures for years. With careful planning and specialist dental skills that individual can arrive at the dental clinic in the morning and leave that same afternoon with permanent, non-removable teeth which give her much improved bite efficiency, better aesthetics and most of all, confidence to smile again and eat as though she had her original teeth. 

Our office specialises in the field of Reconstructive Dentistry. Not only does this make our lives more exciting but, it gives you the satisfaction that should you lose one or many teeth, you will be cared for by highly experienced and trained professionals who have all aspects of the latest reconstructive dental techniques at their command.

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