Our Dental Practice

One Harley Street Dental Practice - cosmetic dentistry in the heart of London

Dr Jonathan Hall has been appointed the personal dentist to a number of leading members of state and principal families across the world.

At One Harley Street, Dr Jonathan Hall is complemented by a team of qualified Nurses, Technicians & Dental Hygienists all of whom ensure that our patients are always cared for and supported in a welcoming and relaxed environment. We offer our patients the very latest facilities and equipment. 

Dr Jonathan Hall and his team have established their leading reputation by considering the complete health and general well-being of the patients they serve and not only their immediate oral health needs. We pride ourselves upon being a source of comfort, reassurance and confidence to our patients through the dentistry we practice. 

We personally introduce, explain and complete each therapy for each patient and encourage our patients to be active in making decisions regarding their treatment. Dr Jonathan Hall invites you to come and visit One Harley Street dental practice where your can witness first hand our commitment to our patients. 

One Harley Street is located in the very centre of London’s private medical community and is where we receive our patients. It is an attractive period building overlooking Cavendish Square. The practice is surrounded by the restaurants, cafes & prestigious stores of Oxford Street