Dentistry Without the Drill

Harley Street Dentistry Without the Drill London

It is often possible to carry out dental procedures without resorting to the ‘dreaded’ dental drill. 

At number one, we have invested widely and enjoy the use of a number of unique techniques. 

Cavities can often be disinfected and prepared using special amino acid based gels. Once ready, the cavity can be restored as normal. This procedure takes only a few minutes and can be very effective. It is often used in the treatment of milk teeth and can be applied to the treatment of adult teeth. 

Another method at our disposal is to use a specially formulated air-abrasion device. This ‘pencil-like’ probe fires tiny particles at the tooth surface removing bacteria and soft decay. Once prepared, the tooth can be restored in the usual way. 

The above techniques are painless and in most cases local anaesthesia (an injection) is not required. A very important added bonus!!!