Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry at One Harley Street Dental Practice London 

We are a well-known nucleus for aesthetic dentistry and provide beautiful smiles for highly demanding individuals from across the world. Our patients encompass a whole range of worlds from members of Government, the arts & entertainment industry, bankers, lawyers, dentists! Doctors, nurses, struggling ballerinas and even a fireman, and all appreciate fine dentistry. Not all of our clients are wealthy individuals, for many its simply a question of valuing their dental health more so than others.

We are all individuals, what constitutes a beautiful smile is different to all of us. For some, accepting mildly crowded teeth gives a sense of character and can be pleasing. For others, it has to be a perfectly “white, well aligned and proportioned” smile. Your needs are individually assessed, your views are listened to and a consensus is reached. In most cases a ‘trial’ smile is first fitted, rather like the fitting visit for a suit. 

The patient will then wear this smile for a period of time after which it is reassessed and if necessary, modified. Once both yourself and your clinician are more than satisfied your smile can be reproduced in the desired ceramic of choice. 

‘Hollywood smiles’ are achieved by using a combination of all or some of the following: tooth whiteningcrownsveneers, and orthodontics.