London Cosmetic Dentist Dr Jonathan Hall

London Cosmetic Dentist Dr Jonathan Hall

Dr Jonathan Hall MSc Dent, Cand Odont, Copenhagen

Dr Jonathan HallQualified from the Royal Dental College, University of Copenhagen in 1994. Two years in the Royal Navy with attachments to Maxillofacial units have given him considerable experience in dentoalveolar and Implant Surgery. He has built a reputation for excellent standards in dental care and the sheer number of patients who have travelled internationally to experience his skill and expertise testify to this fact.

Dr Hall spends a large part of his year at international conferences and recently spent time under the tutelage of Prof. Buser in Switzerland.

He is a member of the highly regarded Dr Wise Master class in London.

Dr Hall has been appointed as the personal dentist to a number of leading members of state across the world. He is also the preferred dentist for a number of foreign missions based in London and receives patient referrals worldwide. In addition, he has considerable experience treating leading members of the diplomatic and business community.

Jonathan is passionate about dentistry, very experienced, caring and diligent, and retains a very high regard amongst professional colleagues. He has years of experience in Dentistry and is continuously updating to keep his skills and knowledge at the forefront of clinical expertise. His areas of interest are in Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry. He is also active members in numerous prestigious bodies involved in the teaching of cosmetic and reconstructive dentistry.

Dr Jonathan Hall's GDC number is 80289

Dr Søren Barsted MSc Dent

Dr Barsted maintains a practice limited to periodontics. He is a graduate of the Royal Dental College of Copenhagen in 1987. He has held a Senior Clinical position at the Department of Periodontology, University of Copenhagen since 1992 as an undergraduate lecturer and a postgraduate tutor. He provides continuing professional development to colleagues through advanced training programs and a variety of continuing education events  for general dental practitioners and periodontal specialists alike.

He is instrumental in the development, evaluation and clinical application of new diagnostic, preventative and therapeutic approaches for periodontal diseases.

Dr Barsted maintains private practices in Copenhagen and London.

Dr Soren Barsted's GDC number is 86027

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