Master Ceramist

Harley Street Master ceramist 

Ultimately, it is the ceramist who prepares your smile in the dental laboratory. We work very closely with our ceramists who are based in London’s West End, Paris and Zurich. All of our ceramists have been very carefully selected and their identity is a closely guarded secret although of course, if you are undergoing treatment you will get to know them quite well. 

Our Ceramists are closely involved in the assessment of your smile as both your clinician and your ceramist are partners in the fulfilment of your aesthetic needs. This is usually done in London or Paris and is a great excuse for spending a day or two in Paris! 

Our Ceramists work only with a handful of select dental clinicians world wide whose standards of care and attention to detail complement the time and skill put in at the laboratory. 

Our ceramists are recognised leaders in their field and use only the finest available ceramics. Sometimes high gold, platinum or titanium alloys are used in the hidden framework of your restorations. These have been sourced as being highly biocompatible.