Simple Bone Reconstruction

Simple bone reconstruction to prepare for dental implants in Harley Street

When natural teeth are ‘pulled out’ there often occurs a period of rapid bone loss in the area where the tooth (or teeth) have been removed. Thus, if one is considering placing dental implants to replace the lost tooth, then there may be insufficient bone to act as the housing for the implant.

This situation is readily remedied by the use of bone substitutes. Bone substitutes act as a matrix for the formation of new bone. In other words, natural bone grows around the substitute and in-between the substitute.The body then eats away at any remaining substitute and replaces it with natural bone. The final result is natural solid bone with no trace of the bone substitute remaining. This process takes about six months to complete. Often, bone substitute is placed at the same time as a dental implant. In some cases, the substitute is placed when a natural tooth is removed and left to heal prior to placing a dental implant.

Bone substitute is commonly available as either a wholly synthetic material or a bovine derived material. The choice of material is discussed with you prior to surgery. The placing of bone substitutes is safe and discussed with you in depth prior to its usage.

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